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It is with regret that we are announcing that our local chapter is disbanding due to low membership. We are now focusing our efforts on the regional chapter, Might Rivers of AHDI. 

About Us

The Northern Illinois Chapter of AHDI has been in existence since 1978.  Saturday symposia are held once a year at various places throughout the northern Illinois area.  Physicians or other health care professionals speak on pertinent topics, and sometimes a nonmedical professional (i.e., lawyer, social service worker) will provide information regarding other issues of interest to medical transcriptionists. These lectures usually are enhanced by audiovisual aid supplements, and they provide continuing education credits (CECs) which CMTs, RHITs and RHIAs need to keep their certification or accreditation current. (Note: You do NOT have to be credentialed to be a member of NIC.) Meals are included, and of course a side benefit is the opportunity for socializing and networking with other medical transcriptionists.  NICís newsletter, Northern Lytes, published bimonthly, is packed full of information, reports, and ads of interest.  A directory including names, addresses, and phone numbers of members is distributed on a yearly basis.

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